Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wargames Terrain Workshop: New Death Match Feline Concubine and Commentator Preview

Wargames Terrain Workshop: First sneak peek at January's releases is two new models for Death Match and the upcoming sister game, first is a second feline concubine, and the second is a commentator as what sports game wouldn't be complete without one.

Wargames Foundry: New Street Violence, Dominatrix, The Rippers and Viking Legends Sets

Wargames Foundry: We are very exited to announce that our next four Foundry Collectable box sets are available to pre-order for shipping from 18th December. These miniatures were all previously short lived Foundry Specials. Popular demand has caused us to re-introduce our unique character models, including Sister Wendy, Odin and Thor, in new boxed sets. Buy all four new sets at once for a discounted price. Check the deals here

Steel Fist Miniatures: New Website, Lower Prices and More!

Steel Fist Miniatures: New Website and Lower Prices! I’m very pleased to advise that Steel Fist Miniatures has a new website. Our web address is the same – www.steelfistminiatures.com – the new site is easier to navigate and allows you to view all current figures for our 28mm Samurai Wars, Italian Wars and Late Medieval ranges. 

The new website also:

- enables payments by all Visa and MasterCards
- allows you to sign up for a newsletter
- includes a Gallery of painted figures, done by ourselves and our customers.

Lower Prices! We are now able to offer all our figures at lower prices. Steel Fist Miniatures is a small hobby business, which invests time and resources into researching and designing high quality historical figures. We also aim to offer high quality castings. Nearly all our models are supplied with separate heads and weapons to increase the variety in finished units, as well as the flags and decal packs we offer.  There are obviously costs associated with this approach, but we have decided to revise our previous prices and have reduced all packs by an average of 10% to 20%. These new prices are now live on the website. We believe this will help customers who wish to build their armies and units around Steel Fist Miniatures, as well as those who make occasional purchases. We are currently relocating stock. Whilst we’ll make every effort to make this a smooth process, there will be a slight delay in getting some orders out over the next week or so. Please bear with us.

New Figures! I’m pleased to say that Oliver remains the designer of Steel Fist Miniatures. We have been busy planning new figures and all existing ranges will be added to in the next 12 months. We can confirm that the next releases will be the start of a Landsknecht range for the Italian Wars of 1494 to 1538. Figures are based on contemporary paintings and drawings and we’ll show the new sculpts very soon.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Expeditionary Force: New 54mm War of 1812 - American Militia and British Marines

Expeditionary Force released these brand new 54mm War of 1812 - American Militia and British Marines. Each of the below box-set contains 9 model soldiers with 1 Sergeant or Militia officer and 8 infantrymen with action postures for attacking or advancing. The sets are priced at our standard price of USD 32.50 per box-set (inclusive of postage). British Highlanders and Dragoons, American Riflemen in Hunting Shirts (Kentuckians) and French Artillery sets will follow from the above.

54 AMR 01 American Militia in Civilian Dress - This is the first of the American Army sets for the War of 1812. The models are suitable for conflicts from Baltimore to the Alamo & 54 BRT 01-RM  British Royal Marines - This is the first of the British/Canadian Army sets to match the Americans in the War of 1812. They are essentially British Infantry but with the Royal Marine top hats.

Sally 4th: Sally 4th Wild Geese Wargames Terrain Kickstarter

Sally 4th: Since the 1970's I've been a big fan of the 1970's action movie, 'The Wild Geese' so as a model maker and gamer it seemed only natural to put together a set of gaming terrain for playing out the key scenarios from the movie. Earlier in the year we spent several days watching the movie in great detail, freeze framing and taking screen shots to come up with a plan for the prison / barrack block. Check the Kickstarter here

At this year’s Partizan Wargames show we put on a ‘The Wild Geese’ participation game using prototypes of the buildings. The game was very well received. Since then we have had lots of inquiries about making the building kits available, which we are now doing via this kick starter campaign. All of the kits are constructed from sturdy 3mm MDF for walls and thinner 2mm MDF for roofs, floors, doors and window frames. Construction is very straight forward. Sheets of embossed plastic ‘corrugated metal’ sheeting are supplied with each building to be cut into squares to be glued on to roof sections. All roofs are removable and buildings have interior partitions where applicable.

Element Games: New Warhammer 40K Blood Angels and Christmas Gifts

Element Games launched the discounted pre-order for the brand new Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Blood Angels. They have also compiled a nice list of Christmas gift ideas for every budget so make sure to surprise your family and friends with some exciting gifts. Check Element Games here

Sky Relics Games: New Indie Game Developer and Sky Ships Range Kickstarter

Sky Relics Games: Sky Relics is a battle fleet game, where players command fleets to do battle in the skies for their Nation or for glory and riches. Iron Sky Hulks soar through the clouds hunting the next battle as their barrels heat up with Shells ripping through the air slamming and decimating heavy armor. Life and death rages on in the skies high above Targus, but will you, brave hero, be one who truly lives? With this exciting Sky Relics two player core box set, launch two mighty opposing factions with all the material you need to wage epic battles, including crafted ship miniatures with flight stands indicating firing arcs.


Friday, December 8, 2017

Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot: Sale on 4Ground MDF: 15% off at Col. Bills

Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot: Another winter sale announced on our online shop. This time its 4Ground MDF products. Again 15% off online sales by using coupon code Winter4G17/18 This sale will last until midnight on sunday 21st January. In addition all our remaining stock in the 28mm Jessari Sci Fi and the Twin Peaks Homeland Apocolypse ranges have been permanently reduced until we run out of current stock. Winter4G17/18 Check them here

Last Sword Miniatures: New Elven Lords Fantasy Kickstarter

Last Sword Miniatures: The Elven Lords is our second Kickstarter after the success of Reichguard Knights. All desing, sculpture and molding work is already completed. We are now ready to take your orders and start manufacturing. But, if the project is all but finished, what is the funding for? Our aim is to be able to further develop our range of miniatures. We have made a great many efforts and spent a lot of money on The Elven Lords, so we really need the project to succeed. We need your hel so that LastSword Miniatures can keep working. Check the Kickstarter here

Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot: Steel Fist Miniatures at a 15% Discount - Col. Bills

Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot: Steel Fist Miniatures at a 15% discount - Col. Bills. We are offering our remaining stock of Steel Fist Miniatures at a 15% discount throughout December and January. Please use coupon code WinterSFM17/18 during checkout to access the discount. WinterSFM17/18 Check them here

Deep-Cut Studio: New Modern and Futuristic Gaming Mats

Deep-Cut Studio: New game mat release! Concrete playmat design might be the most universal battlefield, when it comes to modern or futuristic games. It is easily used with buildings, bunkers, landing platforms, barriers, fences and everything else, you might want to throw on the table. Easy setting with hassle-free game mat – mousepad material is always flat on the table, has extra sharp visual details and is a pure enjoyment to play on. Check it out at www.deepcutstudio.com - the home for game mats.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Miniature Company: New Kingdom Egyptians and Welsh Spearmen Plus Indian Army Deal

The Miniature Company released the following new miniatures - NKE001 - New Kingdom Egyptian, Spearmen, NKE010 - New Kingdom Egyptian Command and WEL004 - Welsh Spearmen. Plus a limited time offer of 50 figures (Bowmen and Spearmen), including two command groups for the Ancient Indian range for £40 (plus p+p). Grab these miniatures here

The Ion Age: New Werewolf Command Beotan 4th Tesseran!

The Ion Age: Our last release of 2017! The second pack of 15mm Space Werewolf Beotans of the Khanate Empire. This time eight command and specialist poses. As detailed in The Khanate Return book these vicious warriors fight in the snows and cities against Mankind. Click through for more and some information plus close in image of the Khanate flag. You get Reward Points on all orders and we have 20% off the Canthus Monocycle this month too. We cease shipping on 15th December to focus on Xmas and on 2018 new awesome! Thank you. GBS

Assault Publishing: New Shadows in the Void - Terran Post-Human Empire Spacecraft

Assault Publishing: Finally they are here! Terran Post-human Empire is third faction for Shadows in the Void and you can get its ships from Assault Publishing on-line store.

TPE spacecraft are very compact in design and differ in appearance from Confederacy fleet. From the game term of view it is very interesting squadron based on extremes: very well protected, but sluggish and armed with the finest missiles, but without any cannons. Their doctrine and special rules favour fighting in well set formations and focus on mutual spacecraft support instead of individual duels or hit-and-run tactic. Their ship design approach is completely reversed than approach of Esh-Aven, which makes they battles of this two fleets extremely interesting.

Alternative Armies: New 28mm Flat Doors Released

Alternative Armies: A pack of three different single sided doors in 28mm scale from Alternative Armies.  These doors are great for scratch building, dungeon questing, buildings and more. Suitable for fantasy and any other pre-industrial setting including Flintloque. The rear side of each door is blank.  Choose from a pack or singles or a discounted bundle.  Very useful indeed.  CA8 Flat Doors now released.  We cease shipping for Xmas on the 15th December and this is our last release before that date.  Thanks.  GBS Check them here

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Renedra: Christmas Sale - 15% Discount Launched

Renedra: Christmas Sale -15% Discount starts Dec 1st - 31st

Gripping Beast: Three Plastic Figures Boxes Deal!

Gripping Beast: Multiple boxes of plastics! Three boxes for £60

Rebel Minis: New Screecher Alien Bug Released

Rebel Minis: And the new releases keep coming! Now available, The Screecher alien bug! This 28mm scale creature can be seen here: http://www.rebelminis.com  and the sample was painted by Tim Flippo! Perfect for your Sci-Fi and Post Apoc games!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bad Roll Games: New Punkapocalyptic Characters

Bad Roll Games: December releases are now for sale. As a new Merc comes no more and no less than Lizzy DeVille, our cover  girl, armed with a Pistol and a Medium blade, with the company of a  Black Blood Children Ember with Chainsaw. Check them here

Conqueror Models: New Hill Giant – Drunk (Snoring) Sentry

Conqueror Models released this new Hill Giant – Drunk (Snoring) Sentry.

Games Workshop: Upcoming Necromunda Orlocks Previewed

Games Workshop: Firstly, some news from the underhive. We told you that the clan houses will all be re-entering the underhive in time, and we’ll be seeing the first of them in early 2018 with the Orlocks.

House Orlock is made up of miners and engineers who use ingenuity and grit to solve the various problems of the underhive, whether they’re making sure mining quotas are met or are just working out the best way to neutralise a charging Goliath ganger. The new Orlock gang remains true to the rebellious spirit of their forebears in the previous edition of Necromunda, but they will be just as customisable and detailed as the Escher and Goliath gangs. There are also some new weapons on the way, including the intimidating looking harpoon launcher!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Casting Room Miniatures: Bonus Pack Deals Now On Casting Room Miniatures

Casting Room Miniatures: Bonus Pack Deals Now On! Check details here

Orcs in the Webbe: The 2017 Advent Calendar Begins!

Orcs in the Webbe: Heya Folks! It is with great pleasure I can announce that the 2017 Orcs in the Webbe Advent calendar is live! Over the next 25 days (yep, there's even a special Christmas Day release) we'll be bringing you a brand new never before seen article or download every day! 

They range from short stories to full blown scenarios for a variety of games systems supported by Orcs in the Webbe (and maybe even introducing some new ones to the OITW fold).

Our inaugural 2017 release is by Flintloque alumnus and Panzerfauste co-creator, Matthew Hartley. Matthew has once again created a brand new and original card game exclusively for the calendar. In "The Raft of the Medusa" 3 to 6 players take on the roles of shipwrecked crew afloat in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1816. Being one of a handful of survivors your comrades have succumbed to starvation, thirst, madness and despair. You must make hard decisions in order to survive must survive until rescued. But beware, your choices make come back to haunt you when you are eventually rescued... Check the article here

Day two of the Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar sees classic Flintloque alumnus Danny O'Hara turn his attention to a less well known area of Valon, the Kinkon Delta! Oh yes! In this years short story we are introduced to a new cast of characters in one of the quirkier Flintloque 'spin-off' settings.Click on the link below to read, " A Heart of Dorcness". Check the article here The Kinkon Delta setting has impressive pedigree. First published back in 1996 by one of the games creators, Steve Blease, in the official magazine, Orcs in the Hills. That article is also available in full on OITW, just click on the link below to read, "The Kinkon Delta". Check the article here

Cementing the setting's place in modern Flintloque, back in November 2007 Alternative Armies' Lead Writer and Head of the World of Valon, Gavin Syme, wrote a follow up article for Flintloque Reloaded which was updated by my good self in 2014 giving you full rules for playing in this fantastic side step universe :) Click on the link below to read, "The Kinkon Goblins". So, get your Rolling Stones out and sing along, "I see a line of Orcs and they're all painted Blacke"! Check the article here

Deep-Cut Studio: New Unique Grid and Hex Game Mat Service

Deep-Cut Studio: Game mats with any size hex or square grids - just a few clicks away now. We just improved our Print-O-Mat, a custom game mat tool, which allows you to make a mousepad playmat out of any picture, with new features. Now you can easily add any layer of hexes or grids on any image and fully customize it as well. Check this unique feature at www.deepcutstudio.com, the home for game mats.

Puppetswar: New Zombie Heads Released

Puppetswar: This is not dead which can eternal lie... Our new zombie heads